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September 14, 2016

13 advantages of annual maintenance on your furnace and AC

By Chuck Gassmann, CEO
Regular, preventive maintenance on your Central Iowa home heating and cooling system is the best way to keep it operating at its best. Not to mention, it can help protect against potentially dangerous and expensive issues down the road. A complete inspection by a trained Bell Brothers professional twice a year will give you peace of mind that your systems are running at optimal safety and efficiency.
Bell Brothers recently revamped our annual maintenance programs in order to better serve our customers and their unique home comfort needs. We now offer four different programs. Here is a quick overview the plans. 
Program 1 — Test & Inspect
Our basic service package including standard air filter replacement. This program is ideal for customers who simply want to ensure their system is operating safely and efficiently. 
Program 2 — Preventive Maintenance 
Our enhanced service package that includes cleaning and adjusting parts of your system. The standard air filter replacement maximizes energy efficiency and minimizes concerns down the road. 
Program 3 — Extended Care 
This thorough inspection, testing and cleaning of your system including standard air filter replacement is the choice for those serious about protecting their investment, ensuring energy savings and extending the life of their equipment. Complies with ENERGY STAR® recommendations. 
Program 4 — Premier Comfort Protection 
This premier service package helps keep your system running at peak performance year after year. It includes a complete top to bottom inspection, testing and cleaning of your entire system and replacement of premium air filters to ensure maximum energy savings, comfort and peace of mind. Complies with ACCA Quality Maintenance Standards — the highest in the industry. 
Still not convinced an annual maintenance program is for you? This quick list of the advantages might change your mind. 
Annual maintenance programs: 
Ensure all systems are working safely
Identify potential problems early 
Extend the life of your equipment 
Save you time and money
A regularly maintained furnace and air conditioner can: 
Deliver up to 40 percent savings on heating and cooling cost
Reduce your carbon footprint by 30 percent 
Help ensure proper home humidity levels
Operate at peak performance 
Bell Brothers annual maintenance programs offer even more advantages: 
10 percent discount on any needed system repairs 
24-hour emergency service 
Worry-free scheduling — we contact you when it’s time for your appointments 
10 percent senior citizen discount off program price 
10 percent off additional systems
For more information about our annual maintenance programs, visit or call us at 515-244-8911.