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November 28, 2017

ARL’s Clowder House provides safe and healthy shelter for cats waiting adoption

By Chuck Gassmann, CEO

Breathing quality indoor air is an essential part of living a healthy life. Whether at work or at home, the air we breathe affects our physical well-being and comfort.

The same is true for animals. When living in a healthy environment, with good indoor air quality (IAQ), animals are better able to achieve positive physical and mental health.

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) is dedicated to saving more animal lives and increasing animal adoption, and this past spring they began work on a new building project that would serve as a home for the over 200 cats awaiting adoption.

Because the Clowder House serves as a home for animals it was vital to have an HVAC system installed that would provide adequate fresh air into the space and exhaust out the stale air.

Bell Brothers commercial design/build team is experienced in providing solutions for this type of application. Throughout the project, our team worked closely with the ARL and Pro-Line Building Company to determine a cost-effective HVAC design solution that would meet their budget and provide the environment needed for the cats to thrive and grow.

After meeting with Mick McAuliffe, the ARL’s animal services manager, we determined that the right solution was to install two makeup air units outside and four residential split systems with air handlers inside.

It took four months to complete the entire building project, and at the end of June the Clowder House opened its doors. If you visit the shelter you will experience a building that is full of natural light and space that supports positive social interaction, stimulation and play time between the staff, volunteers and cats.

After the grand opening of the building, Mick shared with me that the new facility has not only improved the lives of the cats it has improved the lives of the staff and volunteers. Mick emphasized that well-being was the ultimate reason for the building, and he was pleased that Bell Brothers was able to tackle this project and help the ARL provide a shelter the promotes the well-being of everyone who enters – human and animal.

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