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September 22, 2014

Bell Brothers selected as Top Iowa Workplace

By Haris Fetic, Installation Specialist

Bell Brothers selected as Top Iowa WorkplaceMost people complain about their jobs. Not my uncle. He always had good things to say about his employer. He said they were more like a family than just a company. When looking for a career path of my own, I knew I wanted to work at a place like my uncle did. So I thought, why not work for the same company? I applied for a position at Bell Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning two years ago and quickly realized they are the best place to work. That’s why I nominated the company as one of the 100 Top Iowa Workplaces. And we just found out: Bell Brothers was selected as the 28th top workplace for small businesses.

I was born in Bosnia in 1987. My family and I immigrated to the United States in 1999. It’s the small and big differences that make me — and all immigrants, I think — appreciate living here. I also appreciate working for a company that cares about its employees and customers, and treats them with respect and honesty. I wouldn’t want to work for any other heating and cooling company.


Bell Brothers invests in their employees by providing continuous training. They taught me the skills I needed to become a successful installation technician, and they keep training me on new technology, equipment and techniques to stay ahead. Not everyone can do our job. You need a certain level of skill, which Bell Brothers makes sure we have, and we take pride in that. They invest in our health, too. Through the company-funded cessation program, I’ve stopped smoking — and so has my wife. We also do yearly health checkups, which has changed the way I look at my health. I appreciate this investment because having the best skills and good health make it easier to perform our jobs and has a positive impact on our lives outside of work.


I’ve had other jobs, but this is the first place where the line is blurred between co-workers and friends. Every morning at the “huddle,” we are cracking jokes or razzing on each other before we get down to business. We all rely on each other to get our jobs done. We keep each other in check and make sure everyone meshes so our days are easier. Some days I spend more time with my installation partner than my family. If we couldn’t get along, it would be a tough job.


Bell Brothers has made me a better person for the ethics and values the company instills in all of us. Everyone at Bell Brothers works with respect, integrity and honesty. It makes me proud to call them my employer. The employees who came before me worked very hard to build a good reputation for the company. I don’t want to destroy that or embarrass the Bell Brothers name. I don’t want to give people a reason to view the company in a negative way.

As you can tell, I like the way we do things here at Bell Brothers. I wake up wanting to go to work every day. It’s because of all these things that I nominated Bell Brothers for this award. I’m excited and proud the company is receiving recognition for the positive environment they’ve built for us.