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What to expect from air duct cleaning services
September 11, 2019
By Jason Gassmann, President

Our team is asked about duct cleaning quite often. While Bell Brothers does not offer this service, we like to help our customers make an informed decision about whether to have their ducts cleaned. When we are working on your HVAC system, we can evaluate the cleanliness of your ducts and make a cleaning recommendation. Let’s talk about why you should consider having your ducts cleaned and what to expect from air duct cleaning services.

How to reduce humidity in your home in summer
August 27, 2019
By Jason Gassmann, President

How often do we hear complaints about the humid weather here in Iowa? Humidity levels in Des Moines during the summer months can range anywhere from 52-82%.

Ideal temperatures for your home
August 15, 2019
By Jason Gassmann, President

To each their own. This is true of our taste in food and clothing. And it’s true of the temperature we choose to keep our homes. When it comes to temperature, each person’s comfort level is going to be a little different.

How to keep AC evaporator and condenser coils clean
July 25, 2019
By Jason Gassmann, President

The evaporator coil and condenser coil in your HVAC system play an important role in your air conditioner’s cooling process. Because these are two key components of your AC, we wanted to share what each coil does, what happens to your AC when the coils are dirty and how to keep them clean.

Causes of a carbon monoxide leak in your home
July 12, 2019
By Jason Gassmann, President

We hear the term carbon monoxide talked about a lot when it comes to home safety. While the toxic gas is colorless, odorless and tasteless, there are many precautions you can take in order to protect your family and your home from carbon monoxide poisoning.