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Keep the hot water running with these simple maintenance tips
May 24, 2016
By Chuck Gassmann, CEO

Don’t let an aging water heater ruin a relaxing night or a busy morning scrambling to get out the door. Read these tips below for maintaining and replacing a water heater.

Dynamic Air filter for allergy relief
May 11, 2016
By Chuck Gassmann, CEO

Is there anything more irritating than allergies? I love seeing the trees in bloom and the grass turn green after a long winter. Sometimes I wonder, though, if it’s worth the scratchy throat and puffy eyes we endure during an Iowa spring.

Zone your home for better temperature control, efficiency
April 28, 2016
By Chuck Gassmann, CEO

Basketball season might have ended earlier this month, but I want to talk about zone defense when it comes to heating and cooling costs.

The obvious, but often overlooked, place for home air leaks
March 29, 2016
By Chuck Gassmann, CEO

Have you ever wondered why one room in your home isn’t heated or cooled as well as other rooms? Or, does your basement seem much warmer than it should be? These problems could be from a leak (or leaks) in the ductwork. Sound terrible? Don’t worry — it’s fixable.

Get your money back on HVAC equipment in your Central Iowa home
March 18, 2016
By Chuck Gassmann, CEO

Taxes — what a headache! As you gather important documents to prepare your taxes for 2015, don’t forget your furnace and air conditioner receipts if you had a new system installed. The federal and Iowa governments offer an array of tax credits, which can make it a challenge to remember them all.