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The obvious, but often overlooked, place for home air leaks
March 29, 2016
By Chuck Gassmann, CEO

Have you ever wondered why one room in your home isn’t heated or cooled as well as other rooms? Or, does your basement seem much warmer than it should be? These problems could be from a leak (or leaks) in the ductwork. Sound terrible? Don’t worry — it’s fixable.

Get your money back on HVAC equipment in your Central Iowa home
March 18, 2016
By Chuck Gassmann, CEO

Taxes — what a headache! As you gather important documents to prepare your taxes for 2015, don’t forget your furnace and air conditioner receipts if you had a new system installed. The federal and Iowa governments offer an array of tax credits, which can make it a challenge to remember them all.

No one likes a drafty house, so here’s what to do about it
March 8, 2016
By Chuck Gassmann, CEO

Central Iowans make their homes comfortable by controlling the temperature and humidity level inside their house. But two things can prevent this from happening easily and efficiently: air leaks and negative pressure. Bell Brothers has some tips to help.

The ‘shocking’ truth about dry winter air in Iowa
February 22, 2016
By Chuck Gassmann, CEO

Many Central Iowans live with dry air during the winter. But they don’t have to. I'm revealing some secrets to help people be more comfortable in their home this winter.

Winning the lottery in Des Moines ― the HVAC lottery
February 2, 2016
By Chuck Gassmann, CEO

The Hunt family in West Des Moines lives in a 108-year-old home. The home received some renovations before they moved in a few years ago. The furnace did not make that list. Jana Hunt saw a free high-efficiency furnace and installation was up for grabs to the lucky winner of the Winter Warm Up giveaway on She decided to enter — along with hundreds of others. She never thought she’d win.