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How you can take advantage of the SAVE program
June 1, 2015
By Chuck Gassmann, CEO

If you like to save money (who doesn't?), you’ll like the SAVE program. In 2014, MidAmerican Energy and Alliant Energy created the System Adjustment and Verification Efficiency (SAVE) program to improve the energy efficiency of HVAC systems.

What you need to know before replacing your water heater
April 20, 2015
By Chuck Gassmann, CEO

Taking a shower, washing dishes, doing laundry — what do these all have in common? Hot water. The majority of Americans have such easy access to hot water in their homes, it’s easy to take the technology that makes it happen for granted… until the hot water stops coming. Did you know the average home water heater lasts about a decade?

Home Buyers Should Put HVAC at Top of Wish List
April 6, 2015
By Chuck Gassmann, CEO

Spring is the time to buy a home. Real estate agents expect houses in the metro to sell fast this spring due to fewer people selling and more people buying. Home buyers are hoping to find their dream home — perfect location, updated finishes, maybe even a white picket fence. One thing that doesn’t make the top of the list — but should — is the heating and air conditioning system.

4 maintenance tips for your home air conditioner
March 23, 2015
By Chuck Gassmann, CEO

Imagine it’s the middle of August. There’s a streak of 90-degree days. Out of nowhere (or so it would appear), your air conditioning stops working. Not good. You’re left physically sweating while worrying about what’s wrong with your system. Most likely, a professional will be able to fix your unit. There’s also a good chance routine maintenance could have prevented the breakdown. Ninety percent of calls we receive for breakdowns are due to lack of maintenance.

What to expect when having a new HVAC system installed in your home
March 9, 2015
By Chuck Gassmann, CEO

Deciding to purchase a new heating and/or air conditioning system for your home is a big deal. Most likely you haven’t purchased one before and are entering into unknown territory. To help prepare you for this purchase, below is a guide to what you can expect when having a new HVAC system installed in your home.