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Why You Need an HVAC Inspection Before Buying a New Home
May 21, 2019
By Jason Gassmann, President

Spring is a popular time to buy a home. Homebuyers are hoping to find their dream home — perfect location, updated finishes, maybe even a white picket fence. One thing that doesn’t typically make the top of the list — but should — is an updated heating and air conditioning system.

How to Landscape Around Your AC Unit
May 13, 2019
By Chuck Gassmann, CEO

Did you know the proper landscaping around your AC unit can help keep your home cool in the summer? You may also be surprised to learn it doesn’t take much work or investment to see a noticeable difference in your energy bills.

Bell Brothers Installs New Innovative Solution for Des Moines Homeowners
April 18, 2019
By Jason Gassmann, President

Waukee homeowners, Dan and Wanda, were beginning to experience technical problems with the 17-year-old heating and cooling system installed in their home. The HVAC system was nearing the end of its useful life and had also developed a refrigerant leak. After weighing the option to repair the refrigerant leak or replace the system, Dan and Wanda decided the most cost-effective solution was to install a new system.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality and Reduce Allergens in Your Home
April 3, 2019
By Jason Gassmann, President

Indoor air quality (IAQ) inside your home plays an important role in your comfort and health. Improving indoor air quality can help reduce allergens in your home – creating a healthier and more comfortable home.

How to Clean Your HVAC System This Spring
March 21, 2019
By Jason Gassmann, President

Spring has arrived! As the days start to get longer and the temperatures warm up, many of us will begin our spring-cleaning routine. One item we want to make sure is on your list is HVAC cleaning. Adding this to your list will help create a comfortable indoor environment this spring and summer.