Commercial HVAC Maintenance Programs

Assure occupant comfort now. And years from now.

Bell Brothers offers customized commercial HVAC preventive maintenance solutions to ensure peak performance, efficiency and safety — while extending the life of the equipment. Each commercial HVAC maintenance program is tailored to unique needs after a site survey is performed. Call Bell Brothers today to set up your site survey and get peace of mind with a preventive maintenance agreement for your business's commercial HVAC system.

Typical maintenance agreements consist of:

Heating Season MaintenanceCooling Season Maintenance
Replace filtersReplace filters
Check system for gas leaksInspect and clean indoor and outdoor coil as necessary
Inspect and tighten all electrical connectionsClean and check all condensate drains
Lubricate all bearings as necessaryLubricate all bearings as necessary
Replace all belts and adjust for proper tensionCheck condition of belts and adjust for proper tension
Clean burners and pilots as necessaryInspect and tighten all electrical connections
Clean and inspect heat exchangers for cracks/corrosion/holesCheck refrigeration system for leaks
Check all heating operation sequencesCheck and test all electrical components for proper amp draw
Verify proper operation of all safety devicesCheck all air conditioning system operation sequences
Check and test all electrical componentsCheck system operating pressures for optimum efficiency
Check heating system for proper combustion and ventingVerify proper operation for all safety devices
Provide maintenance/condition report to ownerProvide maintenance/condition report to owner


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