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August 31, 2016

Home energy audits: what are they and why should I get one?

By Jason Gassmann, President
There are many steps we can take to decrease the amount of energy we use in our homes. Sometimes, identifying the opportunities to limit energy usage is more difficult than making the energy-saving changes to our habits. The first step to using less energy — and lowering your electricity costs — might be participating in a home energy assessment. 
Outside of home for MidAmerican Energy Audit
What is a home energy assessment? 
A home energy assessment or audit is a process that evaluates different aspects of your home to identify opportunities to save energy. In Des Moines, MidAmerican Energy offers an energy audit program called HomeCheck online
How does the assessment work? 
The online assessment offers personalized energy use information that can be customized based on your home and lifestyle. You will receive a report that outlines the amount of energy your home uses compared to other homes in Iowa that have similar features. You can further customize your assessment by completing a short survey. Your survey results will share which items in your home use the most energy. 

By completing the HomeCheck energy assessment, you will also receive energy saving recommendations and tips. The recommendations will range from no-cost improvements to improvements that require a larger investment. MidAmerican Energy also provides what your estimated energy savings will be for each recommended improvement.

If I do the HomeCheck assessment, are there rebates available to me? 
Possibly — eligible homeowners that participate in MidAmerican Energy’s programs might qualify energy efficiency rebates if they update one of the following measures within 12 months of the energy assessment: 
Air conditioner 
Natural gas furnace 
Refrigerator or freezer 
The HomeCheck assessment must be completed before MidAmerican Energy can determine if you qualify for any rebates. 
How do I know if I qualify for HomeCheck? 
If your home was built before January 1, 2006 and your primary heating fuel supplier is MidAmerican Energy, you probably qualify for a free HomeCheck assessment. 
How do I schedule my HomeCheck assessment? 
You can access the HomeCheck online energy assessment through the MidAmerican Energy website.
Learn more about the HomeCheck program here. For heating and cooling maintenance, repair and installation needs, contact us online or by calling 515-244-8911.