Bell Brothers PromotionsBell Brothers is committed to taking care of customers in every way possible, from carrying the highest quality of equipment, delivering timely service, providing ongoing HVAC expertise and by offering our customers special deals. We have different promotions running throughout the year, so be sure to check back regularly to see if there is one that works for you.  

Great rebates or special financing with HVAC system purchase

Now is a great time to replace your aging air conditioner and furnace. You can buy a new Carrier® high-efficiency system and save up to $2,325 in rebates. Offer ends soon, so call 515-244-8911 to schedule your free installation estimate today.

Expert Promise — money-back guarantee

Just like your car, your AC needs routine maintenance to run safely and at peak efficiency. With a Bell Brothers Precision AC Tune-up, you have our Expert Promise that your AC will work properly all summer or we will refund the maintenance fee. Call us today at 515-244-8911 or schedule an appointment online for the Expert Promise offer; only $94.95 plus tax.

Save 10% with our accessory of the month program

Bell Brothers offers a 10% discount on an accessory to upgrade your heating and cooling system. It's another way we can say thanks for trusting your home's comfort to us. To take advantage of this season's offer, schedule an appointment with a Bell Brothers technician. Offer starts April 1 and ends June 30.

Air Knight Air Purifier
For purified air, nothing beats the Air Knight. It reduces mold, bacteria, viruses, odors, air pollutants, smoke and VOC (chemical odors) from your entire house. Sale price: $717.30

Dynamic Air Cleaner
These one-inch air cleaners combine ease of installation with low static pressure for lower energy consumption and system wear. The Dynamic Air Cleaner is a high-efficiency, whole-house electronic air cleaner with an equivalency rating of MERV 13. That’s more than three times better than the standard MERV 4 furnace filter.  Sale price: $497.70 

As the air flows past the iWave-R, positive and negative ions actively purify the supply air, killing mold, bacteria and viruses in the coil and living space. The ionization process also reduces allergens, smoke and static electricity, as well as controlling odors (cooking, pet, VOCs) and other particles. Sale price: $753.64

Aerus® Air Scrubber 
Aerus purification products, like the Air Scrubber, uses ActivePure® technology to help protect your home and your family from dust, germs, odors, pet dander, viruses and more. Sale price: $857

Offer good for month listed only. Appointment must be scheduled by the last day of the month. Available to single-family homeowners in the Des Moines area. Subject to change or cancellation without notice.

Bell Brothers Loyalty Rewards Program

Annual Maintenance Rewards
Stay loyal to Bell Brothers for consecutive annual maintenance agreements and get a credit toward a future HVAC system purchase from us.

  • 5 consecutive years: $250
  • 10 consecutive years: $500
  • 15 consecutive years: $750

Already had 15+ consecutive years of Bell Brothers annual maintenance agreements? Thanks for your business! You’ll get the $750 credit on your next HVAC system purchase from Bell Brothers. No need to sign up. We’ll keep track of your consecutive annual maintenance plans and let you know when you hit a reward milestone.

Referral Incentives
Bell Brothers residential annual maintenance customers get rewards for referrals.

  • Refer a friend for an annual maintenance program, get a $25 Casey’s gift card for you and your friend.*
  • Refer a family memember for any maintenance program or repair; they save 10% on any initial service (including maintenance packages). You get a $50 gift card.*

Make sure your friends and family tell us you referred them. All referral incentives start September 23, 2019.

*Only current Bell Brothers residential maintenance contract customers qualify for referral rewards. The referred person must be a new customer or not currently in a Bell Brothers maintenance plan

MidAmerican Energy Rebates

Earn up to $675 in rebates on a new high-efficiency system from MidAmerican Energy. Now is the time to replace that old, inefficient system — not only will you save money up front, you will also save on your monthly utility bills. Let Bell Brothers help keep your home comfortable year-round. Call 515-244-8911 or schedule your free installation estimate online

Free Amazon or Casey's gift card

Customer satisfaction is our first priority. If you have a good experience working with us, please refer us to those you know. For every referral that results in a whole system purchase, you'll receive a FREE $100 Amazon gift card as a thank-you. For every referral that results in a furnace only or air conditioner only sale, you’ll receive a FREE $50 Casey’s General Store gift card as a thank-you. Or if your referral results in a service call, system accessories or maintenance agreement sale, you’ll receive a FREE $10 Casey’s gift card. It’s that easy.